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How to Weather Life’s Storms with Three Steps

Who ever you are reading this, I do not know your life and what you have ever had to deal with personally, however; if you are anything like me, you’ve found yourself challenged with life’s obstacles. There are good times in life and there are really (really) dark times as well. Somehow within our minds we tend to forget about the good times when the dark times show themselves. I call these dark times storms; as do other Christian believers. You may call them what you like, but I feel that calling them storms capture and define what dark times are. Today, I’d like to offer you three things that you can do to help you weather the storm you find yourself in. (more…)

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Imitating God in Your Marriage


My husband and I got married after church in a small ceremony surrounded by church members  (my extended family) and my mother and father. There wasn’t much thought that went into the “planning” of our wedding. We went to the courthouse the Thursday before and got the license and called our pastor to ask about getting married after church the upcoming Sunday. Wedding planning.. DONE!

Three months prior I had just given birth to our handsome son and we were feeling the itch to “make things right” in the sight of God. We loved each other and had been dating for the better part of eight years. To us, “it was time”. No pressure.. Just the natural flow of things in our minds. All during my pregnancy we went through pre-martial counseling with our pastor. We talked through many topics, however; there were very few that hadn’t been discussed previously one way or another. We felt totally prepared for marriage and the hurdles that could (would) come our way. (more…)

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My First Walk Down the Aisle


I remember being in church one Sunday and something felt odd. I was around twelve years old and I remember seeing my pastor, Reverend Keith Mitchell, standing in front of the congregation passionately preaching about Christ’s love for his children. Although this was a subject that he spoke about quite frequently, for some reason this story struck a chord with me that Sunday.


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I do … or do I?


Let me first start off by saying.. I love my husband. I know that I made the right decision to marry my husband. No matter how bright or dark our relationship may be at times, I know without a shadow of doubt, that I entered into my marriage with a sound mind and made the right choice.

Now, I think marriage is funny.. In my opinion men are funny too. That’s a whole other post for a different time. It’s something about the moment that the ring slides on a man’s finger that things change. Some times things change for the better and other times things change for the worse. Just yesterday, my husband and I celebrated what would have been our ten-year anniversary of dating. As we had dinner I looked across to my husband and our one-year-old son and I just thought, “My, my how things have changed in ten years”.


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So why do I think I’m selfish again?

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, my first bout of selfishness. Well, I decided that I wanted to move home in a, chill environment, to give birth to my handsome son regardless to the opinions of anyone else. My mind was made up… So I did it.

Fast forwarding a bit.. I’m now gainfully employed with a manufacturing company. I drop my son off daily with my mother and father while my husband and I work. Yes, he moved here with us and we got married at the beginning of 2015. (more…)

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It’s all about me… Or is it?

I’m selfish.. but not really.. You see lately I’ve had to focus more on myself because

(I can’t believe I’m going to say this)…

I’ve lost myself…

Three years ago I would find this statement laughable. I remember stumbling upon blogs of mothers and wives that made the above confession and thinking HOW? Three years ago my life was different. Three years ago I was single, independent, child-less and a graduate school graduate aggressively attempting to advance my career. A native of East Saint Louis, Illinois, I was living in A-L-A-B-A-M-A.. all alone. That was okay.. I was fine with that. Yes, I had moments of homesickness, but I went to undergrad and graduate school in Alabama and started my career. Or so I thought… (more…)

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